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“For decades space activities were restricted to a limited number of countries and were exclusively institutional in nature, the management of space was in the hands of high officials or politicians. With the arrival in recent years of the so-called New Space, the private sector has taken control of a large part of space activities, especially Telecommunications and Earth Observation applications. The managers of these pioneering New Space companies were visionary engineers or technicians who knew how to take advantage of technological discoveries. With the establishment of this New Space, the time has come for professionals of the management of companies to lead these institutions and it is therefore essential that European business schools specialize in the management of companies in the space sector. This will allow a qualitative leap to be made in this important segment, which has a potential for highly qualified job creation”

Miguel Bello is founder and CEO of all companies in DEIMOS, one of the reference groups in the European space industry with subsidiaries in Spain, Portugal, UK and Romania. Promoter of the DEIMOS 1 (2009) and DEIMOS 2 (2014) private Earth Observation satellites. Miguel holds a M.S. Degree in Aeronautical Engineering by the Politecnic University in Madrid and a PhD in Aerospace Engineering by the Univertity of Braunschweig in Germany. With more than 30 years of experience in the space industry, Miguel is expert in Mission Analysis, Flight Dynamics, Interplanetary Mission Design and Space Software Engineering in the technical domains and the management of space porgrams and institutions. Full Member Academician of the International Astronautics Academy, member of the Astrodynamics Committee of the International Astronautical Federation and Chairman of the Mission and Constellation Design Session of the IAC Astrodynamics Symposium. Miguel has been also member of the European Space Agency Space Debris Advisory Group (SDAG) and Visiting Professor of Astrodynamics at the Universities of Madrid and La Sapienza in Rome.

Miguel BelloFounder and CEO, DEIMOS

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