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Emir SirageExecutive General Manager for the New Space Portugal Agenda

Emir Sirage, is the CEO and COO of the AIR Centre, an international collaborative organization that promotes an integrative approach to space, ocean, climate, energy and data sciences for Atlantic regions that are tackling the challenges resulting from climate change. He holds an MBA, and his academic education spans from Engineering and Industrial Management and Management of Information Systems with degrees from the following universities: EPFL in Switzerland, UTAustin in Texas USA, University of Minho and Lisbon School of Economics & Management in Portugal.
Co-founder & CEO of Evolve Space Solutions (Germany and Portugal) since 2004, developing software products for the Aerospace Industry, with clients like ESA, Thales, Astrium, Inmarsat, Eumetsat, Airbus, Boeing, Embraer (acquired by Novabase in 2011). Specialties: Space industry: satellite simulators & operating systems; Earth-Observation, Scientific and Inter-planetary Missions


His professional experience spans from working as a consultant for SMEs, to working in international Technology Transfer (from science to business), Industrial Policy and Government relations for these International organizations: CERN, ESA, ESO, ESRF. Further, he led a technology management office at the National Funding Agency in Portugal – FCT, responsible for International science-industry programmes that also promoted the internationalization of technology based start-ups in the US, with renowned institutions: MIT, UTAustin, Carnegie Mellon, Harvard Medical School, Fraunhofer Portugal, NASA, among others. Before joining the AIR Centre, he was working in the Space Industry as Director of a Space business department for a Thales subsidiary in Portugal.

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